Rent To Own Vancouver

Buying a home couldn't be easier with Rent To Own, even if the bank does not approve you for a mortgage - there are solutions.

The mortgage qualification bar is set high, especially in today's market - which unfairly disqualifies many who have the ability to provide a downpayment and can afford the monthly payments.

When this happens Rent To Own can be the solution.

Canadian Property Solutions Rent To Own program requires you the home buyer to meet two criteria to get qualified for Rent To Own.

  1. Source of income : we need to know you can make your monthly payments

  2. Deposit for the purchase : we need you have some seed money for the Rent To Own setup - this amount can vary depending on the property value.

All situations considered for you to get qualified for Rent To Own

  • bad credit

  • no credit

  • out of country

  • new to country

  • pending PR card

new income

  • bankruptcy or consumer proposal

  • divorced

  • single income

  • independent contractor

  • tax strategy

There is a way ! Rent To Own may be the solution you are looking for.

Get Pre-approved for Rent To Own

Similar to getting pre-approved for a mortgage - the Rent To Own process to get pre-approved and then finally approved for a

Rent To Own is very simple.

In most cases we can get you Approved for a home purchase via Rent To Own in 24 hours, once you application has been filed out and provided.

Click on the yellow bar at bottom of this page that says ' GET QUALIFIED '

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