How do I qualify for a "Rent To Own" with Canadian Property Solutions ?

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Interested in getting started with a Rent To Own ? Wondering how it work with Canadian Property Solutions ?

Let's take a look at the qualifications you need, application process and timeline. Let's get going !

The minimum requirements for a Rent To Own with Canadian Property Solutions

Did the bank turn away your request for home-financing for a reason that can be improved on over a short period of 1-3 years ?

Yes... perfect - Rent To Own with Canadian Property Solutions is for you.

Canadian Property Solutions is looking for

  1. Credit. Good or improving credit - we understand that things happen, and that any credit situation can be made better

  2. Income. Do you make a decent income, or have combined income... and/or is your income situation improving over the next 1-2 years ?

  3. Downpayment. We will look at your upfront money situation and create a game plan for you to start building equity starting today... it's called Client Success Program. Ask our team about it.

Get Pre-Qualified : The Steps

  1. Complete Application > Apply Today ! <

  2. Get Pre-Approved

  3. Choose your home

How long does getting approved take?

Once all of your requested documents are received, the approval could be as quick as 24 hours! Searching for a home will start immediately after the approval.

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